Friday, 12 March 2010

This our Bus and road crew, Up front we have Coff, very rare pic of him in direct sunlight, then we have "Pops" he makes the wheels go round and round, then on the left we have Whisky soaked Tim - hes our Merch guy and general nuisance but he does laugh a lot which is why we keep him around, and finally on the right we have our U.S tour manager Fred, he's the guy I torment every day by doodling rude pictures all over his ever so important schedules, until Dave intervines that is! He doesn't know yet but I've put a pair of my dead socks beneath his pillow, talking of which it was laundry day today, - Bliss! although I think some of Imeldas smalls must have got mixed in with mine.....must give them back at some point......Hmmm.

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  1. I take it you're parked-up at this point? Or is Imelda driving?

    How is it that this photo looks SO 'American'?

    Just got back from New Inns with Little Johnson. We danced on tables and conga-ed up Gravelly Lane. The 'Silver Lining' guys have all got their Villa scarves for you to sign on your return.

    "Shut the f**k up Donny"


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