Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 3: Ahh Brooklyn and the smell of fresh Coffee fill the air (and a bin full of Chicken bones ).

  • Woke up 6 am had 2 cups of coffee and got tube into Manhattan to visit the Museum of Modern Art, It had a Tim Burton Exhibition on and it was truly fantastic, everything from Artwork, Costumes, Props, to all of his stop motion figures and a little Cinema where you could feast upon his home videos, I can't recommend this enough, I loved it! I would liked to have taken some pics but the security were eyeballing me so I only got this one of the entrance - Poops.

First Gig tonight in a place called Southpaw in Brooklyn, Lets ROCK!

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  1. I seriously cannot BELIEVE you got to see that exhibition without me!! Disney store here have great Alice in Wonderland Tees in so check out the US ones if you can!
    Miss you baby xxx


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