Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lincoln, another great gig! Couple of live snaps of Bloats here too.

Tense moment before taking the stage, we have to keep that door open because at this point Imelda has very troublesome windy-pops that have the distinct aroma of wet cardboard, I can only imagine its because shes a vegetarian.
Cambridge, Great show! Big Boy Bloater is sharing the Stage with us on this tour and I gotta tell ya - his band is on fire! Cambridge was also our 27th tour manager's last night, so we threw him a bit of a party....when I say we threw him a bit of a party, I mean we taped a balloon onto the wall and called him a cab.
Even Darrel thought that was funny, look.


We think maybe it's time to change Imelda's image, maybe bring the hair-doo up to date a little... here she is trying the Charlton combover, I personally think its a winner!

Aaah, Sheffield... unfortunately my car knackered one of its legs so I arrived late and missed the Gallery - arsenuggets! anyhoo, was tres nice to catch up with some friends, especially Deano Beresfordo and his nobble Niece Hazel - both pictured.
Strange gig though I have to say, everyone said it was great but there was certainly a strange vibe about it, oo-er.

Erdington, Birmingham, It's where I live.
This sad looking place above Walmley's and the PDSA shop was, believe it or not, voted "Best Rock venue in the World" by American Billboard magazine in 1969. It was only open for just over 3 years but boasted an unbelievable array of stars that trod those boards: Black Sabbath, Elton John, The Who, Traffic, Fleetwood Mac,T-Rex to name but a few- Pink Floyd even recorded part of a live Album there!
The name of the venue was Mothers- look it up!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tallulah hits 5 and has decided she wants to be a snail when she grows up.....and I have no idea what Saff is doing in that pic.

Ok, so where are we, so far on the UK leg we have been to York (very good) Manchester (Good) Brighton (Excellent) Bournemouth (Weird) Oxford (very good) Reading (very good) and Warwick Arse Centre (Excellent). Tonight we are in Sheffield, home of steel, looking forward to catching up with some old faces and hopefully I'll get chance to visit the Pete Mckee gallery, yay.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The UK tour begins, Dave is so excited he could poop!
I know, I know, everyones moaning at me about my lax blog upkeep - so sue me, I have a life too you know! It's not all face-paint and glitter!.....oh actually it is is'nt it.
Anyhoo, I've been informed that although I find promo stuff as enjoyable as lowering my nads into a nettle bush, some people think it may be interesting....so yes we did a load more exciting promo in Paris which helped us secure a number 11 entry in the french charts, nice one!
October was a pretty good month with Imelda and Band nipping over to Ireland to record a track with the Chieftains then back to blighty to record a Selecter track for a charity Album then back to play a sellout gig in the Cigalle in Paris! October also bore a few choice Album releases, namely the Jayhawks and 2 fabulous Tom Waits Albums!!!! Also I was off for Halloween which is bigger than Christmas in the Shearer-Gare Household!
The beginning of November got off to a flying start with the welcome return of Walter Lure doing a 3 day blast around the country which coincided with my Birthday which was a freakin BLAASTT, all this and still fit in the Slava Snow show - which could may be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
I'm sorry for the delay and hope these pics of the missing month will make up for it xxx