Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 20. Gig in Vancouver tonight -Yey! Vancouver is a very cool place and I'll look forward to a return visit, had a good day today trolling around with Darrel, There we are pictured together doing "The Wire" over the City, very romantic and God love him he bought me the Booster Gold T-Shirt! whatta guy! Had breakfast with Coff at the Two Parrots, I had a Two Parrot wrap, I thought it was Chicken but I found some suspiciously small bones in it ( Parrot? ) Had Lunch in the Loose Moose where I bumped in to Coff again on his 4th bowl of Moose Balls! got a snap of a few of them, there is ten in every portion the gready get! Seattle tomorrow!


  1. You'd expect Moose balls to be bigger really!

  2. I'm only saying what everybody's thinking.


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