Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day 26. Had a great day today in L.A, Darrel, Steve, Dave and I had a private tour of the Capitol Records building, they even took us to the roof ( I have terrible vertigo but I couldn't miss the chance, cheers Dave for taking my rooftop snaps) We met legendary producer Al Shmitt ( he was a very nice man ) We saw the studios and stacks of stuff that I cant begin to explain on here - It was truly a tour that will stay with us.

We then met up with Imelda and did the tourist strip thing, as you can see Imelda and I recreating the Marilyn and Jane Russell hand print pic outside the Chinese Theatre on their slab and Darrel admiring John Waynes dinky footprints.

We finished the night off at El Capitan Movie Theatre for a showing of Alice in Wonderland (don't judge us) this was a real experience, not only was it 3D but they transformed the Theatre in to a Burtonesque acid trip with Mushrooms and Flowers with real faces etc, an organist arose from beneath the floor to play us some strangely arranged Disney hits before a Double screen came down for the opening titles which projected images across the theatre walls, then an explosion which covered the Audience in paper rose petals - can you tell I was loving this a bit too much? - only in America eh!

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