Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ok, back home now, we had a fantastic tour of the States and Canada, apologies if I gave a bum-rap of a few places, no offense meant and its by no means a slur on the places, purely a performance opinion - some places we had hire gear which was crap and we did the best we could. Our crew were the best we've ever had, Mike the tech changed a Double Bass string in record time during one gig, Trevs front of house sound was bollockingly good, Richards monitors were excellent, almost as good as his Kirk impression and T.M Brent rolled with every punch thrown at him, was a joy working with these pros!
Unfortunately I lost my camera after the end of tour party - poops!
Last gig was in Burnaby, Canada, Imelda fell off a fence trying to get out of the festival enclosure to see the Lake behind the stage, she pulled the muscle away from the bone of her ankle and had to do the gig sitting on a chair in agony before leaving for the Hospital to have it strapped up - silly moo!
Just goes to show her determination though eh? after tour party was champagne fueled and someone now has a camera with about 200 bloody good snaps on it, off to buy another tomorrow, what a bummer!
V festival at the weekend so only a couple of days off, shall carry the blog on then,
Cheers for sticking with it x
Pictures courtesy of Dave "sir" Priseman, nice boy...

Friday, 12 August 2011

I think I've been in the states too long now.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Get to seattle at around 2.30am and check in to our hotel, ironically I can't sleep, I have an early morning stroll and take a couple of pointless snaps, we're in the University district, very cool, very bohemic, not at all like Frasier!
Missing home a lot today and feel like I'm treading water until I get there, I did nothing but mope about in Vintage clothes shops all day, It really catches up when you have a night off, Off to bed now, early night, I'll feel better after a good kip.

Thousands of people flock to see this big, smelly, flea ridden bird every year but not as many that come to see the big beautiful American Eagle on the far right.

Into our Monstor tour bus and got out of there quicker than a quick thing going fast! THIS time our destination is Portland, Oregon, strange gig, its in the Portland zoo grounds, who'da thunk it, It was really nice and a refreshing change, we were fed and watered and my straw was changed in my bunk.

Ok, like how freaky is this pic, I took it as Imelda looked out of the window and the sun just caught the lens, no photo trickery honest, It reminds me of the Omen....stay away from from blue balloons Imelda...

Imelda with queen san frandisco "Kitten on the Keys" We love Kitten, once met never forgotten x

After a lovely plateful of Buffalo wings and a few Blue moon beers we leave the City of Angels at around 2am, onward and upward ........to....portland?....no, Sand Frand Sizco! Yey - a-koo-koo-ra-cha, a-koo-koo-ra-cha, I lurv this place!
Unfortunately we didn't have a great deal of time there as we had to do a radio show at Dawns crowing cocks crack, I mean the crack of Dawn as the cock crows - eugh, twas very good though. The Gig was fantastic, in fact I think it may have been the best of the tour so far, good nutty crowd reminiscent of gigs in Ireland or Scotland, everyone sang along and went for it, even in the Ballads - everyone took the opportunity in the quiet numbers to tell each other how much they were enjoying themselves, cheeky!

Various shenanigans at Warner Brothers Studio 15!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

We leave straight after Lollapalooza for L.A for the filming of the Conan O'Brian show, this was at the famous Warner Brothers Studio, I love THIS place, steeped in history, great day, really missing home now especially considering the crap thats going on there (The Riots).

Beautiful Chicago, lovely people, Lollapalooza was a fantastic festival, If you see the pic with the little green sign in, it says " GO IMELDA YA DORTY ROIDE!" as I said, lovely people.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Edmonton, Canada.....was alright then off to Chicago for a couple of days off, instantly find a little dive bar called Blondes and Stocks, fantastic, Imelda May, Tom Waits, The Ramones on the Juke box and the most astonishing Buffalo wings - heaven, here is the crew Richard ( does the best Kirk impression) Mike and wierdways Trev, and look thats not Roy Orbison, thats Dave!

The Legendary Horseshoe in Toronto, AVE IT!!!! Great gig, great crowd! I like Toronto - very funky place.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ROCK N ROLL! Imelda drying her hair out the bus window and my Ravioli Ears! doesn't get much better than this and can the media stop poncing the pictures off my blog please, If you want them just ask!

Oh dear, Dave has slipped off the wagon and back on the yoghurts.
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!
Drove through the night holding my cheeks over the border into Canada, first stop Montreal, first impressions? I'm no Hemingway but how can I put this....I found it a little up it's own arse, don't get me wrong everyone at the gig were really nice and we went down a storm, I just didn't bond with the place...I'm also very homesick today and miss kissing the littlun'
Nice pics of some of the lovely Montreal people.

Wow - couple of nights off in Boston, unfortunately got the screaming ab-dabs and spent most of it on the bog! nice timing - eugh! mind you it could have been the 12 pints of Boston Ale..or the 20 Buffalo wings..maybe even the Lobster miso...or...eggs benedict, either way its all behind me now.
Here I am relaxing in my misty bunk.