Monday, 22 March 2010

Day 22. Woke up this morning back in Portland for our Crystal Ballroom gig, Portland is a very cool place dudes with lots of vintage clothes shops, thrift stalls and Vinyl record shops - tried lots of nice gear on but sticking to my budget. Moore Theatre, Seattle gig last night was maybe the best of the tour, Imelda took complete control of the audience, a review headline this morning read: Jamie Cullum & Imelda May - SHES GOOD, HES NOT, oh dear.
Across from the Moore Theatre was the Whiskey Bar owned by a guy from Sunderland, he got the beers in and gave me a $25 shot of 21 year old Bushmills - Yumtious!
Laterz Y'all.
Oh yeah, I recommend hair curler coffee, I'm flyin!


  1. You know what them Sunderland folk are like... it was probably a shot of supermarket 'own label'.

    'She's good, he's not'... bostin! I was wandering when you were going to start reporting back that the American audiences were realising that all the talent was with the support act. You should leave a copy of the review in his dressing room... underlined in Marmite.

    Good sea food in Seattle... one hopes you indulged!

    Right, i'm off to put some clothes on. I'm on Steve McCat duty today and tomorrow... Lula's off to see her fella in the country.

  2. Not be long then before Bobby Crush is demoted to support act.

    Listening to Hawleys new album on spotty as i'm blogging. Very lush!

    I think drummer boy is missing you, he's grown a birdseye beard to hide the deserted look on his face. It's looking good though!

    Pete, Dean and Fred were as good as ever on sunday, can't wait for the new album.

    Don't know if i told you but Tempest is closing down. there goes another :o(


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