Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day 10. finally getting the hang of living on the Bus, everybody is in sync and a pretty good atmosphere. We had a day off in Cincinnati but because our Bus is so awesome dude we had to lay it down in a carpark 20 miles from the City in a Mall so so much for Cincinnati! had a great day though, bought lots of crap for the kiddie, had the HOTTEST Buffalo wings known to man, when they asked me how id like them cooked one of the choices was "Crazy" which I went for and "Awesome" heat - and they turned out to be exactly that, Crazy and awesome! Band bonding experience back at the bus as we watched Hurt Locker together which won best film at the Oscars, very good but not enough laughs or songs or cute talking robots in it for me. Coff had to be put to bed in the back lounge as he'd been celebrating Jamie Cullums drummers Birthday with Jamies Crew - the drummer was not invited.

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  1. Your Mrs says that no one has left any comments... well I bloody well have.

    When you put Coff to bed did you give him that 'Lush' bed bath you promised?

    Me and the wife watched The Hurt Locker t'other night too. Very tres bien.

    Just started watching 'The Song Remains The Same', the Led Zep film (got it in an Erdy charity shop for 95p). If you've got it on the bus's hard-drive then give it a watch... it's worth it just for Bonham.

    Been rehearsing with Pete and Fred and getting a proper set of songs together. We're having a test run at the Actress on the 21st... should be fun. We do a bostin version of Wreckless Eric's 'Whole Wide World'.

    Not a lot else to report really. I've been growing a beard again which has been taking up most of my time. The New Inns has been taking a good battering of late. That place just gets better and better. Off to Sheff tomorrow to do some recording.

    Love to all and up the Villa x


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