Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day 27, more random L.A pics.


  1. Bunny Bungalow??
    Nice shirt : )

  2. Does Darrel know that John Wayne was once quoted as saying "Eddie & Gene... they're history man. John & Paul is where it's at, it's The Beatles who created real rock n roll. And that Elvis fella is just pure vaudeville". Now don't shoot the messenger... big girly Marion said it, not me

    Went to see 'Alice' with the wife on me burfdy at The Imax... bloody hell, unbelievable. Didn't have all the 'only in America' malarky that you experienced (that organ is fantastic) but I was truly blown away.

  3. In 1977 or there abouts I went to the saturday matinee at the odeon new st and a man came out of the floor playing his big organ then before the main feature of which I have no recollection, they showed Chuck Berry singing my ding-a-ling which we all sang along to and laughed at loud! You don't get that in America!!


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