Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Well that was a fantastic if a little tiring weekend, followed by a fortnight of Gigs with no less than three Bands - oh what a Tart I am! Started with the Ultra successful Kat Men, peppered with a few Big Boy Bloater and the Limits and garnished with the Mental Hipbone Slim and the Knee tremblers, Twas a Joy, alas no pics from these gigs, my camera went up it, I've knackered so many cameras during this blog its unbelievable........I don't deserve nice things.
Wowzers!!!! I gotta say Loch Ness could be the most beautiful place I've ever seen, slogged it all the way there and pitched my tent, thats me there in the corner, maybe it wasnt the best plan to camp but I loved it, I've been waiting for this moment for over a year, for tomorrow I run the Loch Ness Marathon!!!!