Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Aaah, next stop Munich, Munich, Munich - so good they named you Munchen.
We had Day rooms today in a lovely Hotel, I would have caught up on quality sleep if there hadn't been a virtual fishtank in my room, It was hypnotic - I stayed like this for several hours.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Essen, great gig and very relaxing place indeed, pictured is our lovely tour manager Zoe and a surprise for Imelda - friend Carol from Dublin that she hasn't seen for 20 years and her main squeeze Thomas, much fun ensued on the big red bus.

Hightail it to Essen after a fabby gig in Berlin and a party on the Love Bus!
Today I read "post office" by Charles Bukowski - Ace!
Today fave ipod raves: Pete Williams, Buzzcocks, Bauhaus, Jay Price.

Berlin, Got up, ate porridge, went for a run - good boy Garey.....absolutely f**ked me, did me ankle in, that'll teach me, leave excersising to the Professionals I say!
Anyhoo, much jollity in Berlin, never really bonded with the place before but this time is different for some unknow reason, the sun is shining and has brought the best out of people. I had a walk over to the existing part of the Berlin wall, very interesting and a bit creepy, a great deal of the Art/Graffiti reminded me of the musical "Hedwig and the Angry inch", got my passport stamped at checkpoint charley for 2 euros, how touristly tasteless is that.
Todays Ipod fave raves are: Darren Hanlon, Langhorne Slim, Pete Williams.

Met our lovely bus and ferried it across the muddy pond through to our first port of call, Berlin! Yay!
Best Bus i've ever been in, memory foam mattresses's!

Well, well, well, first stop of our mini 9 day tour, Sunderland Stadium of light! playing for an award ceremony, Darrel being a Sunderland fan was like a little girl in a Barbie shop, much fun was had.
No pictures of this though I'm afraid as we had to sign a discretion form as we entered, apparently Supremo kings of well structured cack pop "Take That" were there for rehearsals - Yawnsville Arizona!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tomorrow, May 18th we go away to Germany for a mini tour (9days I think). I'll update as I go, my followers are dropping like flies so I guess a few nudie shots are called for.....I'll set a camera up in Coffs bunk! x

Monday, 9 May 2011

Just came back from Cardiff where - with Imelda we filmed a TV show, The Ruth Jones Summer Holiday, was very good with a star studded line-up of guests including amongst others Jonathon Ross, I say amongst others as I can't remember anyone elses names.
Anyway heres a pic of me next to a Giant Pasty at the Train station.
Well thank goodness for Bergen! Fantastic night, Great crowd and great venue and Bergen is beautiful, as you can see though the pressure has gotten to Dave, his yogurt habit has thriced since we arrived,we may try weening him off the hard stuff with a mixture of Actimel and turps. Back home tomorrow so off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire I go.