Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Day 16. I love Chicago, The gig was great and also the people, after the gig Coff and I hightailed it to a little local bar that I found last time I was here, "Ravens" a little basement dive bar with about 3 or 4 odd local characters, the Jukebox is fantastic, at 3.30am I put on some Tom Waits heartbreakers and by 4.30am we were on to London calling by the Clash, great night had by all.
It was nice to wake up in a Hotel bed today, my room has a kitchen so I'm making Jambalaya - my room now smells fantastic!
Will upload some pics later.

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  1. Early start in New Inns tonight... 7.15 arrival for a 7.45 Kick-Off against Wigan. It's never easy watching The Villa but we hung on for a 2-1 win and the commentary from the pissed-up know-all who was sitting behind us was hysterically entertaining. I love Brum.

    Gruelling schedule tomorrow... gotta get up at noon to do bugger-all. Well, apart from growing my beard a little longer.

    Jambalaya eh? What flavour jam did you use?


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