Saturday, 27 March 2010

San Diego Beach gig tonight, Jeez its hot, anyone that knows me knows that I would rather put my overcoat on and sit under an Umbrella in the rain and have a picnic rather than lie on a beach in the sun like a lizard - alas i'm in the minority and everyones enthusiasm almost rubbed off on me but not quite, I just grinned and thought of Erdington High Street and that got me through. Highlight of my day was watching Imelda climb a tree like a monkey on amphetamines, I laughed like a drain and she won a blow up chimp.


  1. Al, if you're going to sunbath make sure you lie horizontal so that you don't get those awful white marks under your boobs where da sun don't shine

  2. Did Darrel climb the tree too? No matter how hard I try, I just can't picture it.

    If Imelda's blow-up chimp goes missing I suggest you check Dave's bunk.

    Which reminds me... you're still posting pics of the aforementioned after strict instruction from Johnson and myself not to. It puts one off one's scratchings.

    Actress today with Bloater.
    Jam House Wednesday with James et al.
    Beard has gone.
    Villa lost 7-1 at Chelsea yesterday.
    Shut the f**k up Donny
    2 days on 'Doctors' as a soldier next week.
    Recording with The Lost Bros.
    etc etc

  3. Dean dear, have a close look at that cinema organist. I was convinced it was you from the back, bald spot an' all. I could really see you playing with a big old organ. Nice to know your face fuzz is no more; the children of Erdington will be able to come out to play again.

    Regards, Tubs.

    P.S. The chimp was found violated in Coff's bunk.

    P.P.S. I'd have liked to have seen Little John climb that tree, but his gut would have made it impossible for his hands to even make contact with the trunk !

  4. p.p.p.s At least i've got hands and not flippers and webbed feet!! fackinell!!! ;o]

  5. I love the pictures of Imelda climing that tree. you can zoom in, lovely coconuts!! :o)

  6. I reckon Dave & Little John should form a comedy double act. Could be an idea for The Candybox? Them pair doing a bit of stand-up.

    Al, read my facebook profile to see a comment about my 'shite-raffle' abilities... quite amusing. T'was a good afternoon though... you'd have loved it. You were referred to quite often throughout the afternoon and your Confectionery Surprise contribution was very much appreciated

    Can Pete borrow your bass amp for the Jam House gig? Did I tell you he's playing bass with James, Paul, Dan and me on Wednesday? Or is it not in your house?

    Dave... it's just 'not cricket' to put a used and soiled inflatable monkey on a companions bunk. Naughty Fester, naughty.

    Doesn't madam ever contribute to this here blog of yours? Tell her to get her ass on here so I can take the piss out of her as well.

    Has anyone had fistycuffs yet?


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