Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Every so often people drift into our lives that make it that little bit more shiny and glittery, Kitten on the keys from San Fransisco is one of these people, she is here in Paris performing and literally stumbled upon us as we were filming some T.V promo, after ruining our shoot she invited us to a party for the Burlesque Elite, Imelda and I accepted the kind offer as even though we were tired it would have been rude to turn it down.
The rest is history, all hell broke loose and we met with Pals Mimi Le Meaw from San Diego and my idol Rocky Roulette from San fransisco.
Legendary night, never to be forgotten.

Paris promo, what a load of cack - got to be done though.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Random leftover stuff from this ere trip,Thanks to all the more Mayhem Crew: Bug eyed Brentt the tour manager, Incomprehensible James our Techy, Bigfooted Josh on monitors, Whiskey soaked Tim on Merch, strangeways Trev on Sound, Agent hardman Ron Kaplan, U.S tough guy manager Ron Shapiro,UK softy manager Hugh and Emily the Orc back in the Orifice and last but by no means least Jimmy Saville for making my dream come true.
next stop Paris - Ooh La La!

Well, as the saying goes "you're only as good as your last gig", our last U.S gig was on a rooftop of a car showroom in san Diego....weird, now home.
fly to L.A for the Jay Leno show - always fun, its customary to shower the producer and Jay in gifts as they always get Imelda something nice, blankets, hand carved chess sets, chocolates and flowers, Imelda really pulled out the stops this time, she showered them with tatty old car mags, knackered old key fobs, airport chocs and a Harrods plastic bag.....oh yeah and a tea towel.

In Nashville, great gig in a small place that was aired live on Radio, always daunting playing Nashville as there are so many great players there, was good to catch up with Geoff and the lads from Hillbilly Casino and surprise guest DUANE EDDY and his lovely wife Deed, was great shooting the poop with him the dressing room, he's coming over to the UK in the spring and has challenged my good self and Dean (Richard Hawleys drummer) to see who can eat the hottest curry - no competition Eddy - you is goin down!

Woke up in Kentucky, we played a big-ass-boomy Theatre, great gig with great people, we would have sold the bugger out too if the unmentionable greedy people hadn't overpriced the tickets.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chicago, not only the best gig of the tour but I think I'm safe in saying the best gig we've done in the U.S to date, couldn't believe the attendance - Chicago really came out for us, pictured is Imelda with Uber-Agent Ron Kaplan and a Sneaky Freak group shot outside the Bus, off to Kentucky now.

Friday, 7 October 2011

I couldn't resist! The sight of Marilyns lovely big arse made me quite homesick.
Sweet home Chicago, day off, took some snaps of Marilyn Statue, few beers in the house of Blues - which was tourist pap, I end up in a fantastic club called the Hideout on an industrial estate, this place has got such a fantastic atmosphere, I went there representing The Hideout in Birmingham and was welcomed with open arms by Katie the landlady, she filled me in on the history of the place, gave me a tour which involved climbing onto the roof to see the view of the city, she beer'd me up and gave me all the swag that I could carry, I can see that I'll be back here again, I had a great night.

Splendiferous gig in the Fine Line Club, Minneapolis, Brian Setzer sent us Champagne and Bourbon which was very nice of him.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Madison again, I love this pic, very cool, Imelda really cant be trusted, this is what happens when Darrels away getting his Mankini line waxed.
The Majestic in Madison, GREEAAT GIG!!! Brilliant crowd, we got nicely hammered after in a mock Irish boozer, drinking black mock Irish stout - Ewwww.

Long Journey to Madison so we got half way and had a stopover in Columbus, scary eyed Tour manager Brent suggested as I like Buffalo wings so much I ought to try the Steak and Lube establishment - so I did, the most beautiful psychedelic experience ensued, after 21 Atomic hot wings I had gone too far and had to lie flat for 9 hours, I had overdosed and now cant even look at one!
Imelda and her "Men of ill Fame" roll into Annapolis to play the Rams head, strange gig, like a supper club, great crowd though and lurvely food, Imelda is off the humidifiers now which is good news, unfortunately the kick back is that she's taken to snorting steam - PURE!

Phwarrr Ha ha ha ha ha Dave eating cold Pizza at 9am, Breakfast of Gods!
The Bowery Ballroom, New York, absolutely brilliant gig...In fact I think the best gig we've done in New York, met legendary producer Tony Visconti, surreal moment watching him playing my Uke in the dressing room singing Jazz standards!