Monday, 15 March 2010

Day 15. on way to chicago, stopped at a little town called Davenport on the Mississippi to record a few numbers for Daytrotter radio, I split the arse of my hired double Bass last night because my playing is so "awesome" so I had to use a 1974 Rickenbacker - NICE!
We have our own gig tonight at Martyres, Chicago, we've done it before so we know its a good one, I'm more excited about the news that we have a Hotel tonight! Yey, I like the Bus but I long to sleep in a star shaped position and walk around in my pants for a bit.
Missing home quite a bit today, Saff, Lula, Dean and Little John, The New Inns Jukebox and the Actress and Bishop seem a long way away when you're driving along the Mississsippi River.


  1. The grass isn't always greener though... Tess took a shit in it earlier x

  2. Doug n Maur are tidying their loft so I've brought boxes of crap back home and am going through it all now. Just found the ticket stubs of our 'hot date' at The Odeon in Sutton to see Roger Rabbit... 15th Jan 1989. Did we kiss?

  3. Not on a first date, surely? He wouldn't put out for me!


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