Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 23. Blimey, Crystal Ballroom in Portland was best yet - Imelda just gets better and better, just in the last few gigs there has been a noticeable difference, her command of the audience is that of a headliner - prowling up and down the stage getting everyone to sing along with her, "Tainted love" and "Johnny" was pogo city! I finished the evening with another 2lb of Buffallo wings - I lerve dem wings!
San Fransisco today, my favourite City IN THE WORLD and we'll be playing the Fillmore!!!!!! exciting times! We also have a day off here tomorrow so I'm taking Coff on a Gare tour of the City to show him that there is more to life than drinking it away and falling over. We shall visit Haight & Ashbury, The Stinkin Rose Garlic restaurant and work our way to Pier 39 checking out some choice "Vertigo" Hitchcock locations on the way, then back for a shmooze in Johnny Lee Hookers "Boom Boom Room", sounds like a plan!


  1. You going to see Kitten in The City? Give her hugs and kisses from me!! Carrie x

  2. I reckon he'll still fall over by the end of the night

  3. Another 2lb of buffalo wings! You're gonna end up looking like a buffalo.... oh, hold on...


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