Thursday, 31 March 2011

Drove through the night, couldn't sleep, too cold, like a travelin fridge.Got to the Hotel, literally threw my bags in and hailed a cab into town, for today we are in Ann Arbor, Iggy Pops home town so being the pathetic Ig nerd that I am, I wanted to see/get snaps of his school and hangouts etc which I did, I also ate fantastic Buffallo Wings in the Old Town Tavern -HOT!!!! I found Encore records which is a fantastic Vinyl record shop I got some cool stuff and like a magnet through the day it attracted every member of the band into there, I dont know what time it closed but I was drunk and in bed when Darrel text me that he was just leaving the shop!

I think we just played a gig in New Jersey and I think it was the State Theatre but I could be wrong on both counts, was a good show anyway......I think. Darrel bought a portable record player thats the size of a shoe, what a delight - now we can hear orange faced Elvis records everywhere we go!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

YEAH! I personally rocked the Beacon Theatre NY!! twas a fine gig, surreal moment when I took Debbie Harry up in the lift to meet Jeff - Knock knock, "who is it" Its Al, I've got Debbie here to see you, "Debbie who?" Debbie Harry and then I burst out laughing for no reason, I think it was nervous tension!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hubert Sumlin. Thanks to Frank White, Iridium Photographer.
Ok, Day off today in New york, strange waking up with no agenda, just blank, NY is a great place to fill a void, I got up, walked through Central Park ("can you dig it" warriors film reference )which was nice but it is just a park, moved on to Broadway where I tried to get a ticket for the Addams Family musical only to find I was 30 minutes late - Eugh! so walked about another 100000 blocks to Millers Theatre to buy a ticket for Sonic Youth only to find it sold out - double Eugh!! so feeling down in the dumps I headed back towards our Hotel, walked past the Iridium and saw a poster that said Tonight "Hubert Sumlin" ( Guitarist for all the legendary Chess recordings of Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters etc)I thought Eh? Wha? Bu? I couldn't believe my luck, I went to get a ticket and the owner recognised me from the Jeff DVD and got me in, a quick text and Darrel and Imelda joined us there, Hubert was great and we were introduced after, he was one of the sweetest guys I've ever met, his smile is infectious and we laughed a lot, It was a moment I shall never forget.

In Boston, The resting place of Samuel Addams, had a nice day trolling around - Gig wasn't our finest hour but met with some of the audience after who thought it was "Awesome Dude" so thats the main thing. Great to catch up with Record Collector/journo extraordinare Dan Kachakin and Wife Julie ( pictured with Imelda)off to New York now - shattered.

Steve and John get in touch with their feminine sides by wearing Imeldas false eyelashes as we drive from Philly to Boston, Steve looks over the moon with the transformation, unfortunately Johns eyes were completely glued shut as we only had super glue. Imelda also carrys a false leg with her just in case which she keeps in a glass by her bed.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Great to meet some friends at the the Keswick, namely our most devoted Sneaky Freak "Giggles" (pictured) and Darrels sparring partner Dibbs "Golden Tonsils" Preston ( also pictured )

Aah the Keswick Theatre, Philly, last time we played here we were support act to Marmite boy Jamie Cullum, now we're headlining as Jeff Becks there!
Starting to feel like a proper Band tonight, 2 shows, thats 54 songs! AVE IT PHILLY!
Adrenalin was up and Jeff was flyin!
Pictured below: Steve Animal Rushton and our leather clad NY Horns John & Chris.

Friday, 25 March 2011

First show of the tour done and dusted,a few minor hiccups but nothing of note, we're all still breathing and nobody has been sent home, great crowd in Washington!
Off to Philly today to do two shows in one evening, stone the crows - Its a good job I'm so fit and healthy!...ahem.
Sometimes I wonder whether Imelda takes her job seriously enough.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Woke at 5am AGAIN! lay there and pretended to sleep for an hour or so then thought bugger this I'm in WASHINGTON D.C the city that never sleeps! I had a walk up the road, everywhere was closed, smiley rosy faced racewalkers and Joggers passed me at speed, eugh! although I have to admit it was fresh, by the time I'd got to the top of the road my heart was pumping like a farleys rusk!
Look here is a pic of the White House.

Oh yes Mr President in ya big fancy house, and yer armed guards etc, our Prime minister lives at number 10 Downing street - ok it may not look much from outside but it has a more than ample Garden with a Jungle Gym for the Children, a two car Garage, Attic space to die for and I couldn't help noticing that your lovely big flash White House seems to lack one of those curly metal things by your front door to park your pushbike - whose flash now eh?
Ahem, well its the first Gig of the tour tonight at the 9.30 Club, really looking forward to it!
5 hour rehearsal! was very good and managed to get a few more numbers in there too, Johnny and Chris the sax section seem like nice guys which is good because they've got to put up with me on a tour bus for the next couple of weeks.
After rehearsal I went back to maddys bar where I drank a new beer that I couldnt pronounce the name of and after a few I couldnt even say "I seem to have had too much, I've fallen over".
Here is Darrel shamelessly busking outside the Hotel, after a few hours he called it a day earning $3.75

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In Washington DC, I must remember I'm in the world of Jeff Beck now. Pasty looking guitar hero worshiping autograph hunting shred nerds had been waiting at the airport for 4 hours when we arrived, I guess thats the nature of the Guitar legend beast, Its the first time I've really witnessed that, they homed in on him straight away and even though there was about 10 of us there they couldn't see us, only him, weird!
Anyway enough of such rock spake, business as usual in the Gare camp, chuck bags in the hotel and first stop a lovely little bar called Maddys, a few pints of Samuel Addams Boston Ale over easy and a huge plate of BUFFALLO WINGS!!! I'm back!
I like the accent here in Washington, its clear and direct, feels like I should shout Hallelujah after they speak.
Went to bed early but woke up at 4am, walked around my room for an hour or so like a broken Circus bear full of Buffallo Wings then went out and took a picture of my jetlag, not a great pic but its jetlag...oh yes, Its jetlag.

Rehearsals today from 12 noon, It will be good to nail the set and learn everyones name.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Off to London tonight as its an early start in the Morn, 3 weeks in the U.S with Jeff Beck, Gawd, what a year already - feeling myself burning out around the edges, I shall be a twitching wreck by the time I come home. I'll try and keep this updated daily but may be difficult, I certainly don't think I'll be getting any pics of Jeff first thing in the morning in the tour bus standing in his grundies making a cup of tea and scratching his arse....but you never know.
Washington D.C here we come!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

St Patricks day! Wake up, kiss the Girls, go to London, "do" the roundhouse, Bish, bosh, bish, get on the tour bus, go to Germany, do a TV show, get back on the tour bus, drive to London, get in a van, drive to Birmingham. simple as that!

Back at Kuala-Lumpa airport, we dont look as healthy coming back do we.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Goodbye Australia, Cheers xxx

Assorted Australian snaps.