Monday, 11 August 2014

How does Imelda keep her beautiful complexion? .....Tequila.
Had a fabby gig in San Francisco going on before The Flaming Lips, What a fantastic Band they are, here is lovely Imelda and I with the lovely Wayne Coyne. Great Day!

I know I've missed a load of dates out, but without my little book in front of me I have no idea where we've just been, I DO know that we have just had a very silly day leaving Edmonton at 7am to fly to Burnaby to play at 3.30 then back to the airport to fly to San Fransisco arriving at our beds at 1am.

Edmonton Hillsde Festival, Canada, twas a little drizzly......really nice hire Bass though.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Neptune,seattle must've heard baby Violet was coming!

So, where are we now, this is quite a slog, the gigs are great but the travelling -Yeesh!
I don't know my arse from my elbow!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Birchmere, Washington ....I think, great gig! laid out like a supper club but was full of die-hard Imelda fans, luckily she read this sign that was hanging in the dressing room before we took to the stage, so we dropped the Rap stuff from the set.

  Another one of my/our favourite places next, BOSTON! The people here did us proud and I think they may have even been a little nuttier than New York! I didn't get any snaps of the gig as like the nob-end that I am I left my camera on the Bus.

  I did however spend a lovely day with groovy people (The Highams) visiting The New England Aquarium which was amazeballs, I ate a small houseworth of Mussels, a boatsworth of Lobster, and a winnybagosworth of Buffalo wings with around four pints of Blue chees dip.
 More band/Imelda pics to come.

I woke wobbling around on the Bus to find this lovely collectible Bowery Ballroom souvenir in the lounge, I have no reccollection of how this came about.

Wow! New York was fantastic!, The old Bowery Ballroom was jumping, and Tony Visconti came back after which was super-ace!
  Have a look at this though, the backdrop Imelda had ordered turned up today and she resembles the guy from the Goonies, anyhoo Imelda being Imelda she took it upon herself to fix the problem, needless to say its been sent back, you have to laugh Bahahaha!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Cool, played Canadas Hillside festival, which was great if not a little Hippy-ish then on to Toronto which was chockers and mental!
We are now in New York, had a lovely night out with Trev last night in East village eating 'Fighting Irish' Buffallo wings and drinking Toasted Beer, yumptious!
Tonight we play the famous Bowery Ballroom, I had a walk around the corner to visit the old site of CBGBs which was a little sad as its now an overpriced clothes shop - Poops.