Thursday, 18 March 2010

Day 18. Woke up at 5.00am because of the time change! poops,

We stayed at the Benson Hotel in Portland - very posh, apparently Elvis had stayed there but they must have sprayed it because you couldn't tell, in fact it smelled like vosene. They do outstanding Eggs Benedict which I love, although at $22 I was expecting the waiter to tap dance!

Found a great Vinyl place (record shop for anyone reading under 25) Bought a mint copy of Tom Waits "Fast Women Slow Horses" $15 - wahey, bargain!!! also bought some choice Bowie for Little John that has got to be worth a couple of pints when I eventually get back home.

We then flew to Vancouver, we are staying in the comfort inn, downtown, its opposite the famous Chop shop, I went in and asked for a flat-top and they said they didn't do em! what a bunch of pap they turned out to be, So Coff and I went to a local boozer called the Loose Moose, where after a few drinkypoos we ordered the local delicacy "Moose Balls" which were lovely but I question their authenticity, back in bed by 11pm unfortunately nothing too exciting to report as its a night off and I'm knackered!


  1. Have you seen the vids that Scratch has put on facebook? I pissed meself.

    Did you find me any Mrs Mills? I'm still missing 'Plays The Beatles'.

    Too many photos of Dave. Although I am impressed that he managed to drink half a Guinness. Or is he holding your pint whilst you take the pic? Is that bloke behind Coff tickling his arse?

    We now have a fancy new printer/scanner etc so watch out... pics a-plenty coming online very soon!

    Off to The Sunflower tonight to see big Olly play with nextdoor neighbour Dan in their band 'where' (NB- no capital 'w' and no question mark).

    Villa v Wolves tomorrow at Villa Park. 12.45 kick-off so an 11am start in the Swan & Mitre (!!!) And then A&B with Pete & Fred on Sunday followed by night out with the gang. Maybe I might just be alive by Monday but don't expect too much.

  2. Well thanks Mr Beresford, i'm sorry the images of me have been cluttering up the Gare blog ! I shall climb back in my flightcase, and only come out to go on stage. And yes you're right, that was the Gare's pint; he didn't want to photograph me holding the cup of coffee that i was drinking !


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