Thursday, 30 June 2011

June 16th and travel to Dublin for Gay Byrne, no thats not some sort of symptom, Gay Byrne is a TV host, like an Irish Terry Wogan, anyhoo he was hosting an Imelda May Special - I know! It was a brilliant show, very funny, all of Imelda"s family in the audience got to have a sing - quite surreal! We played 5 numbers and called it a day, don't know when it"s aired - prob mid July- worth watching indeed.
Straight from the Isle of Wight and into the Studio, "Mayhem" is being released as a deluxe addition which will come with 3 new tracks, a DVD, a packet of fags and an inflatable Band member.We also have a release date for the Album in America now, July 19th methinks - 'bout bleedin time!
The recording went really well and the tracks sound good, I had to go back and repair a Bass part so I took my current wife Saffron and little Tallulah to see where I worked- we made family history! Imelda sang a duet with the Little'un which was ace-o-mondo! oh yeah and that's Alfie, Imelda's better half.

June 10th: the famed Isle of Wight festival- was a great gig but too much of a hit and run for me. Joan Jett was headlining our stage but I didn't get to see her as we skidaddled like a bad pint through a poop-shoot straight after our set. I can't describe what an immense bummer that was, I was ready for a pogo and everything! Highlight of the day was watching some unfortunate woman make the mistake of having a go on a reverse Bungee jump, she almost emptied herself and I almost let a little bit of pee out laughing - Rock 'n' Roll!
Ok, its been a while, so bare with me whilst I cast my decaying mind back..... oh yeah, 7th June, we played the beautiful Isle of man, great gig and got to see the Red Arrows, I've not seen these since I was a nipper, great stuff, I like the Isle of man, apparently the arse has dropped out of the tourist trade there since flights have dropped to about 60p to fly anywhere in Europe, shame really, Its a great place - you should go and have a look.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sorry, Blog has been down for a week or so - Family time.
Should be updated by the morn, lots to tell! x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next stop - Westfest, I think that must be in Westport, I may be wrong, stayed in a Hotel in the middle on nowhere, Kiltigh? anyhoo, I saw some tourist signs for a Castle so I got hold of Dave (He plays the Trumpet) and off we went in search of this Castle after walking until our ears bled with the incessant crap we were talking we came upon it....It was a kids adventure playground, oh dear, we had a little go on the Monkey bars and headed back to the Hotel.
Imelda travelled to the gig in a Helicopter! oooh Miss la-de-da!

After a brief week off and a couple of days camping in Cheddar Gorge (beautiful)we all meet up again to visit Ireland once more, starting in Castlebar, ballbreaking journey getting there (due to a ferry breakdown...oh don't get me started) but was worth it, fantastic venue, fantastic crowd, I was a tad frayed around the edges afterwards so an early night beckoned.
At last! Coffs image has been captured forever in Londons over priced Madamme Tussauds, a great likeness me thinks, ironically all they did was put the Wurzel Gummage head onto Lemmy's body and hey presto - Coff!
Ok, so after the embarming gig, we get up so early that we travelled back in time! flew back to Germany to finish our mini tour.....Frankfurt? or could it have been Hamburg...It wouldn't take me long to find out I'm sure but my brain is fizzing, my ankle hurts and I've forgotten my mums Birthday! Arse!
Anyhoo, here is a pic of the last German date - one of my faves to be honest, and look there's my good self with Animal Rushton and "sir" Priseman practicing our 3 part harmonies.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Great shot of Dave, doesn't he look youthful.
Munchen, another great gig, we then get up at stupid o'clock to fly to Dublin to play for his Royal heiness Barroca Balma, I wasnt allowed to take pictures because I slagged his house off in an earlier post, It was a pretty high profile gig I can tell you, along with our awesome miming talents were pop putrids Jedward and Westlife, much fun was had by all and Bazzer was so impressed he furnished everyone with a packet of presidential M&Ms, when I say everyone - his generosity didn't stretch as far as the Band, apparently he was only allowed one bag on aerlingus, Imelda got a pack and brought them on the bus so we could ooo and aaahh over them, what secrets do theses mystic m&ms hold!