Monday, 21 June 2010

Day 17, After a greeeeaaat sleep in the Mountain Lodge, Telluride we board the bus again and drive through the Rocky mountains once more, this time heading for Breckenridge, even higher! sooo beautiful although the altitude sent me brain a bit do-lally-tap, luckily oxygen was on hand, not the greatest gig to finish on but was ok, was nice to once again have a lovely room to sleep in, looks like Dave could do with some oxygen!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 16, Drove through the Rocky mountains on the way to Telluride Bluegrass Festival, what an absolutely gobsmackingly beautiful part of the world - breathtaking! the venue was 9000 ft up in the mountain so at that altitude we had to have oxygen supplied side of stage - weird! As it took us 38 hours to drive there I hightailed it out of there to the Hotel as soon as we finished, after such a long journey the last thing I wanted to hear was a Banjo! Back at the Hotel I got a Cable car that went over the mountains, looks like my vertigo is no more, it was so stunning, I think we all had a go! I visited the site where Butch Cassidy carried out his first Bank robbery and I also saw an Elk Herd, very nice. Coff and I shared a romantic log condo, I was asleep by 9.30pm in a real bed and slept for 10 hours! Coff was in bed by God knows and slept like a keg-ful of Bloody Maries!

Thanks to Dave for some of these pics.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Day 15, Lamb Tika Jalfrazi woke me and the whole bus up at 8am (sorry about that everyone)huge journey to Telluride, Colorado, looks like we gunna be in this buz for a mighty long time! Footy this afternoon and a stack of comics to get through!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 14, woke at 6 am to what sounded like a giant rip-arse in a shit-storm! our lovely motor home had a blowout! Jeeezusss!!!

anyhoo here is a pic of me holding a watermelon to calm the situation down.

Ok, we arrive in Kingston a little later than planned but still early, Coff and I had a fry up and then walked five miles so I could go to a bookshop ( we were told it was just around the corner and....its a long story, when I got back Darrel and I then hit the thrift stores -yey!
Kingston was the last of our Jeff Beck supports, bit sad really, Jeff, his band and Crew were all really nice to us and have helped us a great deal and we all thank them very muchly.

Coff, Tim and I found a great Indian Restaraunt where we had fantastic Vindaloos etc just before embarking on our trip to Denver, 37 hours! God help the rest of of the Band!

Here is a pic of me holding a small beach ball.

Day 13, Woke up underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, I like it when the drivers do that, spent the day in Vintage clothes shops and filling my fizzog with steamed mussels - lovely!
Gig was at "Johnny Brendas" and very cool it was too, really great crowd, support came in the shape of April Mae and the Junebugs, great fun and we had a private smelling of Dave their Guitarists guitars in the dressing room.Also met a few our creepy stalkers, was good to put a face to "giggles" and was nice to meet Kat and Mike. after a boozy aftermath we boarded the bus for Kingston NYC!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 12, woke up outside the venue in Asbury Park, New Jersey feeling like I'd been hit in the face with a large frying pan, that'll be the hangover then.
Darrel and I hit the streets for thrift stores and vinyl, very cool place indeed. Beautiful venue right on the seafront, visited The Stone Pony - the place where Bruce Springsteen had his first gig.

Dave found a real gem of a place, A Pinball museum, over a hundred fully working mint condition pinball machines from 1940 through to modern day, entry fee of $10 lets you play on all of them for free, had a great time! went to an ice cream parlor and had a candy cane ice cream with big lumps of candy cane in it - marvelous, that got rid of the bad head. Gig was fabby and we got a well deserved standing ovation - AVE IT!
Missing my little girl today.

Day 11, Wellmont Theatre, New Jersey, great place and a lovely crowd, aftershow party at "Eagans" Chris Eagan the Gaffer treated us like stars and I got absolutely plastered on Jameson whisky, I think I hit the deck a few times.Great night had by all, have no idea how it all ended.

Day 10, 23 hour bus journey from Tennessee to New Jersey, It was ok for the first few hours but 11 people travelling in a bus for that length of time got a bit testy no matter how big and nice the bus is, It was like being in a submarine....that you cant poo in.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 9, BONNAROO FESTIVAL, TENNESSEE, Arrive at 3am and parked up in testosterone central (whose got the biggest bus syndrome).

This was such a great festival, our stage was small but ample for the crowd that sang along to the Love Tattoo tracks, seems the Album is circulating nicely over there.
Our set aside, I got to see and speak to some amazing people, I watched The Avett Brothers, they were inspiring and reminded me of Langhorne Slim who I incidently bumped into later on (surreal moment number 1),watched Dead Weather Uber great and I received a high-five from "Red Mist" the baddie from the Comic Book Movie Kick-Ass, I don't really do high-fiving as a rule but he was pretty cool (surreal moment number 2) I went up in a Ferris Wheel and took some pics - I suffer from Vertigo but for some reason I don't anymore? weird!

Weezer were tres cool also but jeez it was too busy for me! Just got to Jeff Beck at the end of his set to catch Imelda tearing it up before he played an impossibly incredibly brilliant version of Nessen Dorma, sounds as though it would be tackky but no, It was unbeleivable!
The highlight for me was watching Stevie Wonder, Paddy got us into the VIP enclosure at the front! It was an amazing set with all the big hits, "Superstition" being the highlight for me, having a right old Disco Dance with Dave (Surreal moment number 3), On the last number of the set we found Imelda and Paddy and yet again Imelda led a Conga out of the enclosure, an outstanding day allround, what a fantastic bunch of Bands!

Day 8, Atlanta was great, we played support to Jeff Beck at an absolutely beautiful Amphitheatre (if thats how you spell it)It was blistering hot weather and we went down really well, Jeff and his new Band are on fire at the mo and when Imelda got up for Lilac Wine she tore the heart out of all 7000 attending, shining like the star she is.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 7, We board our bus to venture to Atlanta for tonights show, pictured next to our home for the next couple of weeks are myself, Coff with the biggest bottle of Bud I've ever seen, Tim and Steve, also there I am with Ralph our driver - tres cool and Paddy left something on my pillow to welcome me to the bus.

The Conga!!!!!
In this pic, hers-nerbs, Ron Kaplan (american agent) and Hugh Phillimore our manager, this is just before they started the Conga.

In this Pic, Myself, Coff and Paddy, this was taken shortly after the Conga.



Day 6, Iridium again and it was fantastic, full celeb crowd and an hilarious aftershow party in the Stardust Diner, very cool and Kitch, like a Kids party in Mcdonalds but with fantastic food and enough uber-bubbly loopy juice that would drown King Kong!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Gibson)

Day 5, Woke up at 4am and pottered about, even New York is quiet at that time, anyway The Iridium gig was probably one of the most surreal gigs of my life, not only did we back Jeff Beck but also Brian Setzer and Gary U.S Bonds, we did a cracking set which will be released on DVD later this year, The whole thing for me was overshadowed by the presence of David Bowie sitting in front of me the whole Gig, met him after and he was tres cool, we had a conversation about nervous norvus!? I told you it was surreal, Its completely made my trip! no pics of that though but it was being photographed by the "Rolling Stone" people - Ooh get you!
Here is a nice pic of our nice Gibson gig buses to keep you going, I'm taking my bloody Camera tomorrow!
Day 4, we touch down in good ol' U.S of stateside Grande Appleonia,New York City, everyone in good spirits looking forward to the Iridium gig tommorrow night, night off tonight - soooo shattered though that bed and a book beckons.

First port of call, "Mustang Harrys" for my first fix of Buffallo Wings of the trip, Man I jurst lurv dem hot wings baby!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 3, last gig in Ireland for a while, Killarney,great gig and a fine few scoops after with yes you guessed it - another bunch of Imeldas relatives! off to bed though moderately early because its New York tomorrow!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day 2, Tramore, Eire, After shaking the Guinness from my brain we drive 5 hours to Tramore - It was a Festival held on a horse racing course........and the stage was the back of a truck, sounds pretty rustic eh? well we played to 3000 people, was truly weird and wonderful. This time we shmoozed back at the Hotel with another fraction of the Clabby Clan - where they all come from I have no idea, theres bloody masses of em! met Neville Staples from the Specials too, he seemed like a really nice guy loving his job, I managed to get this snap of Dave and his Irish squeeze "Lady Jane" don't they make a lovely couple - looks like a dateline add doesn't it "It worked for us".

Ok, here we go again, Day one of our June/July tour is spent in Castlebar, Ireland. Gigs in Ireland are exceptional, also the hospitality, we had a fantastic post gig shmooze with the Clabby elite ( most of Imeldas family ) and also caught up with some old friends Munro, Rita and Jess from Biscuit boys days which seems like eons ago now!