Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 21. Great morning in Seattle, up at 8.00 am and had a walk around the busy seafood Market before heading back to the bus where I entertained Dave and Coff with my Saville-esque crappy hits from the 70s - Hey fatty bum bum, Grocer Jack, Johnny Reggae, Uptown top Rankin etc, nice!

Had a great gig in Vancouver last night which ended with a right old singsong back at the bus, had a bit of a palava at the the Canadian border because Coff had lost his passport - he got a grilling and they they did everything apart from search his bottom! time will heal.


  1. Mmmm... that sea food looks good. Mmmmm... 2lb of wings (are you cutting down?) Mmmmm... meat balls. Mmmmm... parrot.

    Did you sing them 'The Only Gay Eskimo'? Always popular at parties. And weren't Corky a Canadian band? Would have been appropriate, and with you being gay and all that.

    I've got a drum stool just like Jamies... looks like it'll have to go on ebay now. Did you throw things at him from up there? I bet you were at least tempted.

    Just on the come-down after a rather fine weekend. Had a great day at The Actress with Pete and Fred yesterday. I split my finger open on my rivet cymbal.... blood all over me congas... nightmare! carnage! rock and f**kin roll!

    Mike and Kim were down from Sheff and stayed at ours. All went to Hawelli for curry.. bostin. Scratch couldn't make it though... he had the squits which apparently is brought on by his gout medication... I'll give him another couple of years.

    Saw a ghost as I was standing outside the pub having a fag. Sam, the guy from the 'jazz barge' who died last week, he turned up. Apparently his name's Colin and it's his mate who died and who's name is Sam. Got that one a bit wrong didn't I... soz.

    It's me burfdy Thursday... shame you're not about for one of our all day sessions with the girls in Iguanas. I'll have to celebrate in the New Inns on Wednesday night as the Villa take on (and s**t on) Sunderland (tell Darrel I'll have ten Great British Pounds against ten of his stinkin' Yanky Dollars on it).

    "F**k it dude, let's go bowling" x


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