Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 2 and we arrive in sunny New York!

As you can see the alcohol drenched 7 hour flight did nothing to dampen our spirits, in fact Coff and I raised the game of going on the razz in Brooklyn, very enjoyable - Guinness,yellow cab pale ale, Brooklyn Lager and Bud, then off to bed with 10 Buffalo wings - Thats how to start a tour!

In this pic: My good self, Coff, "Sir" Priseman in the rear and up front we have our U.S tour manager Fred, He is very tall.


  1. It's Russ Abotts mad house! How long has Russ been tour managing!?

  2. I see Coffs made a big impression. New in town and the bar man already wants to punch him! What a good judge of charater.


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