Monday, 29 March 2010

Day 29

Goodbye to LA for today we travel onwards to Australia! I have no idea what to expect. Coff and I trolled the LA streets last night and had a fair few in The Viper Room, which was surprisingly great, watched two bands and then moved onto The Cat Club(owned by Slim Jim Phantom). This was not quite so great but had its merits and I'd definaiely go there again. Finished the night off in style in Taco Bell where we ate like kings for $2. This had us retching all the way back to the hotel where I found my laptop had a nasty virus. Soooo looks like me blog will be down for a day while I try and stare it out.

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  1. Forgot to say... Coff has got a nice surprise awaiting him on his return. Debs won the 'CD prize' on the Shite Raffle.... 'The Best of The Carter Family' and 'The Best of Hank Snow'... C&W heaven!

    So, you're going down under. Apparently that's where 'women glow and men plunder'. Sounds like your tour bus. You better run, you better take cover.

    Nasty virus on your computer eh? Has Dave been using it to look at Monkey porn again? I hope you're going to leave him in Australia with the rest of those criminals and reprobates.

    Got some great streaky bacon from Fred's butchers in Stourbridge.


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