Sunday, 31 July 2011

Morning, wheeze, cough and a fart and we catch the train to sunny Boston! I love this place, great mixture of old and new.We played Brighton music hall, sold out! sounds grand doesn't it - It was only a small place but heaving with wild Bostonions, they "Whoop" like nowhere else. Caught up with some Sneaky Freaks - there you go, you've made my Blog!!! Yay! WHOOP!

Goodnight you big beautiful City.

Ok, Philly gig over, back to the Bus by 1am, drive back to New York, Imelda and I are filming the new Video today whilst the rest of the lads are carrying on to Boston. We hit the Hotel at 3.30am and call time for the shoot is 7am - Great, I wake with a face like a bloodhound, this will be good.
The Video is for "Roadrunner", Imelda looks stunning in this video swanning around looking floaty and glamorous ontop of a New York apartement building in the shadow of the Empire State Building, whereas I look like a complete nobster. I cant reveal too much because the Record company will sue my arse or even worse put a cap in my bottom, but here's a couple of pic teasers, enjoy.

after Central Park we cack-arse it over to philly to play the Trocadero Theatre, beautiful funky little Theatre that seems to have been there almost as long as Philedelphia itself, I love it here and hope we come back.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Imeldas Humidifier addiction is starting to affect my publicity shots!
After Washington we drive back to New York for a show in the fantastic surroundings of Central Park! met up with the lovely Scarpoola family ( don't know about that spelling) and Little Lucha Scarpoola joining in on our soundcheck! I have an emotional little chat with my little girl at home who then emailed me a pic she drew of our cat steve crying because he misses me - Awwwwww xxxx

Brent Gibbs our American Tour manager and I.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fantabulous gig at the 9.30 Club, Washington, bloody hot though! We shared the bill with legend Wanda Jackson, It was the best I've heard her, great stuff!
Imelda seems to have aquired an addiction to humidifiers, she now has four on the bus to protect her voice from the ailments of air con, unfortunately she is in the bunk above me so outside my little curtain its like being in the bleedin Congo, what with that and her snoring, not to mention the Guffing its hellish!
After hearing about my Marathon entry Imelda has volunteered me for the Video of Road runner, which will be filmed in New York in the next couple of days - in this heat!?!

Yaaaaay, woke up to some fantastic news! we're number 1 in the new artists chart and number 188 in the main chart here in the U.S - wa-freakin-hey!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Phew! after a 10 hour journey, we arrive at Washington, wind a little out of my sails - nothing seems to phase Imelda and just look at that big strong man who came to help us.
I now have 206 followers! Go Garey!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Leaving New York, about an hour or so outside Washington the Luxury tourbus Tow bar (that was towing our gear) decided to blow its knackers out on the Highway, this left us decidedly miffed and left a pinstripe in my underwear! not to worry though, there's an old farmhouse up ahead - I wonder if we can use their phone? and look there's even a field of 7ft corn that a chainsaw wielding maniac can chase us through.

Leaving New York we stop at Fordham University to perform a stack-o-tracks for a Radio programme, Anyone remember the fantastic film "The Wanderers"? The Fordham Baldies?
Last day off in New York, Thrift shop and nerdy comic searching with a smattering of Buffalo wings, at the moment I think my body is 70% spicy chicken, 20% Eggs Benedict and 10% Cherry Coke! must cut down, maybe I'll lay off the Eggs for a bit.....
Anyhoo, Imelda, Darrel and I met up on the Evening and went to see Captain America 3D ( hence the glasses), great fun, NY was definately the place to see this - Ace-o-mondo!

Day off in New York, walked to Times square in 112 degree heat - Why!!???
Imelda Darrel and I met up and had the most fantastic night in Brooklyn attending the Psychobilly Luau festival, Its been years since I've witnessed Imelda truly and quite literally letting her hair down - great night!

Friday, 22 July 2011

"I'd give it 10 before you go in there sweatheart" Darrel says as he comes out of the dressing room loo.
Great gig in New York, met some groovy people, pictured are two of our most devoted Imelda May fans, Dave getting absolutely hammered on Dan Danger Ale (this is just before he sang "Bridge over troubled water" on the Karaoke and started a conga, Darrel and.....he plays Elvis in the Million Dollar Quartet, and Imelda and I having a love-in.

Fly to New York - jeez Louise its Hot Hot McHot, 112 degrees, I'm sweating like Oliver Reed with a milkshake!
First stop was a very cool daytime Radio programme, its gone, cant remember, very good though in fact its the 2nd time of doing it, if you go aaaallll the way back to the start of the Blog theres pics of us the first time around.
Evening Gig is at the prestigious Mercury Lounge, sounds lovely doesn't it.

Recorded TV programme Craig Ferguson today in L.A, different network, different atmosphere but still very very good, met Eddie Izzard! Network eyes wouldnt allow any photos unfortunately - poops!
Then straight to the El Ray Theatre - fan-tas-tic gig with great crowd, I love this Theatre!

Pictured below Steve and Dave clearly enjoying the early rise for our New York Flight outta there and look there is our manager - Hugh, the Nigel Havers of Rock n Roll ( He wouldn't let Samantha even sit on his bench - so controling!)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey you, Jay Leno show went really well although I regret some of the shapes I was pulling which the rest of the Band have enjoyed immensely. had a wee drinkiepoo by the pool after where soundman Trev made me laugh so much that I nearly snotted out! I know its only day 2 of our American tour but its feeling good!
Pictured below : Dave in reflective mood, Imelda releasing a boy into the Californian night air loaded with Helium balloons (she's always doing that, she thinks its funny) Imeldas PR Lady Samantha and I, I think the lemons in the Lemon drop cocktails have got to her.