Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 25. Woke up in L.A, went straight to bed in the Hotel only to wake up for the soundcheck, Played the Avalon theatre for the last gig as Jamies support....Its been real. Darrel has wangled it for us to have a private tour of the Capitol Records Studio building tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about ( don't know how he managed that! ) After the show Dave and I took a stroll to find food and struck Gold, we literally stumbled upon the famed "NORMS" Diner ( Tom Waits mentions this very establishment in "Eggs and Sausage" on the Nighthawks Album but I'm sure you all knew that ) not a tourist in sight! I had New York steak, garlic mushrooms, Salad and soup for $10 BARGAIN! I've never seen Dave so happy with his big smiling head devouring Half a roast chicken, Mash, salad and a soup for $9, I am so stuffed and tired that I'm rambling on I know.
I'm sooo looking forward to going home now, was quite down today but nothing a good feed and sleep can't fix.

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