Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wow great day at the Video shoot, I normally loathe these things but it was really good fun, pics don't do it justice but once the airbrushing starts and body doubles are put in place I guarantee It'll look great, I even threw in a few Johnny Thunders moves - I expect they'll be left on the cutting room floor though as I imagine I probably look like an over-dressed Moomin having a seizure.


  1. Yes Al, Melbourne is the best laid out city in OZ, and some great restuarant's to boot, what sort of camera do you have ??? that shot of madam is one of the best I have seen also the HiFi bar photo of you is very good.

  2. Ah my old home town. I love it there. Is that building where you did the shoot? Looks like one near where I used to live - in Hawthorn... When's the video due out?


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