Monday, 7 March 2011

Missing home like crazy today, want nothing more than to hold my girls, roll on August when I can take us all on Holiday!
Partied in Sydney til the wee wee hours, good fun but it wasn't the New Inns in Erdington, seems like Darrel, Steve and Coff came down with what can only be described as "The Pan yodelling Sydney Squits" luckily it only lasted about 9 hours, oh but they did look iffy, strangely Coff didn't look any different.
Here I am pictured with Pat our Sydney TM, and my beer laccy Paul.


  1. Ok, is Pat about 12???
    We miss you too baby, come back soon! xxxxxxxx

  2. Partied with Sydney til the wee wee hours, good fun, it was the New Inns in Erdington.


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