Sunday, 20 March 2011

St Patricks day! Wake up, kiss the Girls, go to London, "do" the roundhouse, Bish, bosh, bish, get on the tour bus, go to Germany, do a TV show, get back on the tour bus, drive to London, get in a van, drive to Birmingham. simple as that!


  1. Best.St Patricks.Day.Ever.

    A tale from the crowd...
    Jeff Beck Fan (JBF):
    I first saw them with Jeff Beck
    Apparently Jeff is a guest tonight
    Nah, he can't be, he's on tour in America
    ....and now the amazing Jeff Beck

    Terrific as always. Def like the white shirt/bass guitar combo, "suits you sir".
    Hope you guys & the crew all having a deserved rest after the busy schedule.
    Oh, and also coughed up bear laughing from the joking around with the bass at the end. My laundry bill is on the way :-p

    Hope to catch up with you guys again soon (cornbury)..all the best !

  2. I can see myself in the crowd shot! Front row eh!

    What a gig. Divine.

  3. I can see wifey and myself too.. but why do the photgraphers at the front look so glum?

    It was such a joyful night - we'd already had such a blast with Bloater! Simply an unforgettable evening.


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