Friday, 11 March 2011

Ah Melbourne, I like it here, its funky, last gig of the tour was in Melbourne's Prince of Wales, Sold out! Great gig although parts were a tad scuppered due to my tremendous playing,It was the nicest Bass that had been supplied on the whole tour, I'm not saying the other 8 Basses were crap but I am writing it. Three numbers in and my greatness sent the Spike shooting inside the body, five numbers in and my sheer awesomeness blew one of the Ampeg Bass amps up, soundman tried to blame it on the fact my phone was on top of it, please, If a mobile phone can blow a 5.5ft Ampeg Bass amp up then whats it doing to the inside of me noggin when I'm using it!
Anyhoo, was a fun night, just a couple of festivals to do, one is the thingy festival in Adelaide and the other is the Wotsit fest back in Melbourne before we get the Iron Bird back to Blightey in a few days - YAY!!!!!!


  1. Hi Gare!
    Sounds like you lot are having a ball. Looking forward to seeing Imelda on Loose women.

  2. P.S AND now I will be hanging out for The New video filmed in my home town (Marvelous Melbourne!!) and merch now so I can hang on to the memories till you come back... Thanks so much for the memories.. till next time xo


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