Saturday, 26 March 2011

Aah the Keswick Theatre, Philly, last time we played here we were support act to Marmite boy Jamie Cullum, now we're headlining as Jeff Becks there!
Starting to feel like a proper Band tonight, 2 shows, thats 54 songs! AVE IT PHILLY!
Adrenalin was up and Jeff was flyin!
Pictured below: Steve Animal Rushton and our leather clad NY Horns John & Chris.


  1. Yeah. You know when you came here to open for Jamie Cullum? I, truly, had no idea who he was. I sooooooo came to see youse guys. While he seemed pretty good, I left after a few songs.... The Imelda May Band was so much better!!!! (Kinda the same story with Mr Beck, too!!) ;-) No wait. Jeff Beck was really good, but I came to see you guys!!!!

  2. That's funny. Dave & I didn't know who Jamie Cullum was either, and left a few songs in as well. Have to agree with giggles on that one ;)

    Thanks again to you Al and Imelda for graciously taking the time to hang out with us for a bit at the Keswick :)

    Here are links to a few more pics that were in my camera:

    Happy Trails everyone!


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