Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In Washington DC, I must remember I'm in the world of Jeff Beck now. Pasty looking guitar hero worshiping autograph hunting shred nerds had been waiting at the airport for 4 hours when we arrived, I guess thats the nature of the Guitar legend beast, Its the first time I've really witnessed that, they homed in on him straight away and even though there was about 10 of us there they couldn't see us, only him, weird!
Anyway enough of such rock spake, business as usual in the Gare camp, chuck bags in the hotel and first stop a lovely little bar called Maddys, a few pints of Samuel Addams Boston Ale over easy and a huge plate of BUFFALLO WINGS!!! I'm back!
I like the accent here in Washington, its clear and direct, feels like I should shout Hallelujah after they speak.
Went to bed early but woke up at 4am, walked around my room for an hour or so like a broken Circus bear full of Buffallo Wings then went out and took a picture of my jetlag, not a great pic but its jetlag...oh yes, Its jetlag.

Rehearsals today from 12 noon, It will be good to nail the set and learn everyones name.


  1. You n yer buffalo wings. Any chance of getting on guest list for Berlin gig in May love Wendy the Gate Crasher xx

  2. Would love YOUR autograph, along with Ms. May's.... Darryl, too? He's a looker.... Will you be selling the new disc at the show (do you know?)

    Jeff Beck? Who's he????? I will be at the Philly show on Friday at the Keswick Theater. For Imelda and group. Not Jeff Beck. (Although proper respect, I understand, is due....)

    Cannot flippin WAIT!!!!!!! I'm all inside out with anticipation!!!!

    See you soon! xoxoxoxox

  3. Welcome to DC Mr. Gare! I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!!


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