Thursday, 31 March 2011

Drove through the night, couldn't sleep, too cold, like a travelin fridge.Got to the Hotel, literally threw my bags in and hailed a cab into town, for today we are in Ann Arbor, Iggy Pops home town so being the pathetic Ig nerd that I am, I wanted to see/get snaps of his school and hangouts etc which I did, I also ate fantastic Buffallo Wings in the Old Town Tavern -HOT!!!! I found Encore records which is a fantastic Vinyl record shop I got some cool stuff and like a magnet through the day it attracted every member of the band into there, I dont know what time it closed but I was drunk and in bed when Darrel text me that he was just leaving the shop!

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  1. What a fantastic show in Ann Arbor last night! Thank you so much for coming to Michigan. The old school rock kicked ass. Please come back when you guys are touring your own material - Everyone who I've turned on to you guys has been thrilled.


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