Friday, 25 March 2011

First show of the tour done and dusted,a few minor hiccups but nothing of note, we're all still breathing and nobody has been sent home, great crowd in Washington!
Off to Philly today to do two shows in one evening, stone the crows - Its a good job I'm so fit and healthy!...ahem.
Sometimes I wonder whether Imelda takes her job seriously enough.


  1. 2 shows tonight??? And April Mae and Catfish and I are coming to the first one....ugh. (Or as you might say.... Bollocks!) I didn't know there were two shows until You mentioned it here.... Damn. If Ida known, I woulda done the 2nd.... Damn. Oh well...see ya tonight anyways. Row 20 seat 107.... I'll be cheering ya!

  2. Im the guy in the front pointing at you while taking a picture. The face Imelda is making in my picture is hilarious. Shoot me an email at if you wanna see it

  3. More dates in America please!!!


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