Saturday, 2 April 2011

Great gig at Cadillac Theatre, Chicago, Crazed Jeff Beck fan outside stage door with a Uke sized guitar wanting Jeff to sign it - I whipped out a sharpee and signed the front rendering it useless - ebay that!


  1. Glad then we saw Darrel outside the Beacon before we saw you;No turning back is safely back in it's frame;priceless to us now

  2. The last time I saw Jeff Beck in Chicago was 1968. Rod Stewart was in his band then and was just becoming known in the states. That show was likely the best I've seen in my life... until last night's. The show was phenominal and you have made many new fans here. Hopefully the R&R party will come back to Chi-Town soon. I think you are on the way to great fame and success. Bravo wonderful show last night.


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