Saturday, 30 April 2011

Aaaah, Trondheim, much fun and frolics ensued, met some nice people and some I will forget by the end of this post, I've done this fest many times with the Biscuit Boys and Mike Sanchez, very enthusiastic audience.
Don't get me wrong though - It was pretty shit, We played a restaraunt that resembled a Ferry lounge and got our soundcheck cut from an hour and half to about 15 minutes, not good, hired Bass was so bad it sounded like a wounded Hippo with the squits and Imeldas monitor sound was none stop feedback, I could go on but lets try and keep the Blog upbeat shall we x


  1. Um… I think you mean Bergen ;-) Trondheim is similar in architecture etc. but much further north. As far as I'm concerned it was the best gig I've been to in years, so you did a pretty good job hiding that your weren't happy with the bass :-) My wife and I just went home afterwards, no use in seeing any other bands after you guys, so you go tell that to the rest of the band please! I like your playing, I always try to pick up some new slap tricks. We were in Speyer, Germany last month at the Satanic Stomp (psychobilly festival) were most players slap ferociously all the time. Mixin it with arco like you do is much more pleasant to the ear in my opinion. Besides it's impossible to accentuate and play dynamically if you're constantly at 110%. Oliver Baroni from Hillbilly Moon Explosion does the same. Anyways, we really hope to catch you guys again some day, hope you come back to Bergen! Cheers :-)

  2. Ah, OK, you played Trondheim too :-P But you must admit Bergen is much nicer ;-) And I meant pizz of course, not arco.

  3. Hey Al, the Jeff Beck Rock n Roll Party DVD is # 3 in the charts in New Zealand every week since April,that is where we discovered you and Imelda May band, Fantastic, when is the team planning on coming over to the Southern Hemisphere, you have a Huge following, # 3 in the Music DVD charts !! :)pure talent !


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