Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chicago, woke, called home, found that my 4 year old Daughter Tallulah has taken to tap dancing lessons, Eggs Benedict for Breakfast - Today is a good day!
I cab it to 2120 South Michegan, CHESS recording Studios for a tour around the famous building, Initially sad because I was the only one there but soon realised this is family run and they are just pleased that anyone is interested, I met Willie Dixons Grandson, Taylor, he took me around and shown me pics of the renovation, It was derelict in the early 90s but now it is restored to how it was even down to the original soundproof boards, I took lots of pics but I'll only show the outside. This is a place that should be supported, fantastic piece of History, my only dissapointement was that I think it should have Willies old Bass in the corner of the Studio room, I asked Taylor about that and he told me he didn't even know where it was if it existed at all......poops!


  1. I hope your daughter continues to tap - and quite coincidentally, I had to choose a new piece of music for my tap class, and after deliberating thru many many options I came up with "Bury My Troubles" - can't wait!!

  2. Very cool blues pilgrimage...curious to know if you've been to SUN in Memphis? It's magical as well.


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