Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Austin, Texas and in this unassuming house of music stands the most beautiful vision of Bass beauty I have ever laid my peelers upon.
I awoke like any other day, met with Darrel to visit the local Vintage Guitar establishments, I have no real interest but he likes me to carry his bags and light his cigarettes for him, anyhoo we happened upon this place where inside I would normally potter about the Bass Guitar section dropping key words like "whats the action like on this" and "intonation", "Bottom end" etc when I saw in the corner a 1939 Kay 5-string Double Bass, I played it and everything went soft focus, lovely, I stayed for about 20 minutes but just couldn't justify spending the whole of my tour money, Wifey Saff would have my balls as earings too if I turned up at home and declared "Hi Darling unfortunately Disneyland will have to wait, but look at my new Bass!"
Darrel felt my pain and held my hand and bought me a happy meal, I'll never forget you Kay x


  1. If we ever win the lottery honey, Kay will be yours, ok? xxxx

  2. "At last a dream come true. The Instrument of Instruments."

  3. The best post of the trip. Had my wife and I laughing this morning in Sussex. Well done in the US - we know they would "get" you in Austin. Great, great music city.

    D&S - big fans in the UK


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