Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 9, BONNAROO FESTIVAL, TENNESSEE, Arrive at 3am and parked up in testosterone central (whose got the biggest bus syndrome).

This was such a great festival, our stage was small but ample for the crowd that sang along to the Love Tattoo tracks, seems the Album is circulating nicely over there.
Our set aside, I got to see and speak to some amazing people, I watched The Avett Brothers, they were inspiring and reminded me of Langhorne Slim who I incidently bumped into later on (surreal moment number 1),watched Dead Weather Uber great and I received a high-five from "Red Mist" the baddie from the Comic Book Movie Kick-Ass, I don't really do high-fiving as a rule but he was pretty cool (surreal moment number 2) I went up in a Ferris Wheel and took some pics - I suffer from Vertigo but for some reason I don't anymore? weird!

Weezer were tres cool also but jeez it was too busy for me! Just got to Jeff Beck at the end of his set to catch Imelda tearing it up before he played an impossibly incredibly brilliant version of Nessen Dorma, sounds as though it would be tackky but no, It was unbeleivable!
The highlight for me was watching Stevie Wonder, Paddy got us into the VIP enclosure at the front! It was an amazing set with all the big hits, "Superstition" being the highlight for me, having a right old Disco Dance with Dave (Surreal moment number 3), On the last number of the set we found Imelda and Paddy and yet again Imelda led a Conga out of the enclosure, an outstanding day allround, what a fantastic bunch of Bands!


  1. You went up in a FERRIS WHEEL!!????

  2. Ferris wheels & high-fives. I also remember when you didn't drink Guinness or coffee either. You've changed, Garey.


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