Wednesday, 9 June 2010

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Gibson)

Day 5, Woke up at 4am and pottered about, even New York is quiet at that time, anyway The Iridium gig was probably one of the most surreal gigs of my life, not only did we back Jeff Beck but also Brian Setzer and Gary U.S Bonds, we did a cracking set which will be released on DVD later this year, The whole thing for me was overshadowed by the presence of David Bowie sitting in front of me the whole Gig, met him after and he was tres cool, we had a conversation about nervous norvus!? I told you it was surreal, Its completely made my trip! no pics of that though but it was being photographed by the "Rolling Stone" people - Ooh get you!
Here is a nice pic of our nice Gibson gig buses to keep you going, I'm taking my bloody Camera tomorrow!


  1. D´ouch, NYC!!
    Best city in the world.

    OK,OK,OK,OK,OK BCN it´s not a bad city, but for music nothing´s like the city that never sleeps...
    enjoy your time in NYC, enjoy your gigs with Brian Setzer (BRAIN SETZER!!!!) and tell everything here


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