Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 13, Woke up underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, I like it when the drivers do that, spent the day in Vintage clothes shops and filling my fizzog with steamed mussels - lovely!
Gig was at "Johnny Brendas" and very cool it was too, really great crowd, support came in the shape of April Mae and the Junebugs, great fun and we had a private smelling of Dave their Guitarists guitars in the dressing room.Also met a few our creepy stalkers, was good to put a face to "giggles" and was nice to meet Kat and Mike. after a boozy aftermath we boarded the bus for Kingston NYC!


  1. Cheers! Thanks for the shout out!!!! As we say here in Philly, "Youse" guys were fantastic!!!!!

    I really enjoyed April Mae and the Junebugs, too!!!!

    I must tell you, when I got home a caught a look at myself in the mirror getting ready for some shut eye. I said very loud "Oh my GOD!!!!!"

    I got dressed up for y'all and wore a little make-up, which I rarely do, but it was not "waterproof." In the really hot and sweaty bar, I got REALLY hot and sweaty! I had NO IDEA my mascara had smeared all over my eyes!!! I imagine you all had a good laugh at me! Gives new meaning to "creepy stalkers," yes?

    (Note to self: Waterproof mascara!)

    Safe travels to all of you!! (I expect you must have a great driver to handle a blowout in such a big vehicle. Thank goodness!!!!)

  2. Hi there! Dave, J J & I just want to say THANKS so much for such an incredible night! We had SO much fun! Imelda you are a doll, it was so cool to hang out with you and meet your fantastic band and friendly crew. What an amazing performance, you had that room under your spell...what an intoxicating evening! I know that Dave really enjoyed 'guitar show & tell' with your big bad handsome man. Would love to do this again with y'all sometime, wink, wink ;)
    We are very grateful for your warmth and generosity.

    Peace, Love & Happy Trails on your musical adventures!

    April Mae

    ps. Thanks 'giggles' for the compliment :)


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