Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day 2, Tramore, Eire, After shaking the Guinness from my brain we drive 5 hours to Tramore - It was a Festival held on a horse racing course........and the stage was the back of a truck, sounds pretty rustic eh? well we played to 3000 people, was truly weird and wonderful. This time we shmoozed back at the Hotel with another fraction of the Clabby Clan - where they all come from I have no idea, theres bloody masses of em! met Neville Staples from the Specials too, he seemed like a really nice guy loving his job, I managed to get this snap of Dave and his Irish squeeze "Lady Jane" don't they make a lovely couple - looks like a dateline add doesn't it "It worked for us".

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  1. Excellent stuff Saturday night again. Couldn't stop laughing when I saw the stage/truck being prepared. jerry Fish was top notch as well. All in all was a superb gig.


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