Friday, 20 January 2012

Ok, panic over, if you get away from all the oversized corperate fake glitz that Vegas is famous for - Downtown Vegas remains the same as it ever was, seedy, good bars, winners, losers, hookers and bums, a little like Erdington.
I roamed from 4.30 am (Jetlag) to 5pm, couldn't muster the energy to watch David Copperfield or the Donny & Marie show, In our Hotel/Casino Darth Brooks was performing so I also gave that a generous birth, just a few beers with Trev and hit the sack only to wake at 1.30am!!!! blummin Jetlag!!!!! we're doing a function tonight for Chanel, only 5 songs! then tomorrow we go to Lexington Kentucky, couple of nights off.

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  1. Great pic's there Al, me and the long suffering other half are getting hitched there with Elvis at the Gracelands little white chapel in October...well you want something subtle and classy when you've been dodging the issue for nearly eight years eh?

    beer's n' cheers!!!


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