Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ok, after a string of Irish Christmas gigs, some good, some great and some just plain ridiculous, we ended our festive tour on Dec 23rd in Limerick on an outdoor stage, yes you read that correctly, an outdoor stage, Imelda performed in an overcoat and gloves - weird, good gig though.
Then home.
Nice spread in the Christmas edition of 'Hot Press'.

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  1. good thing imelda has such great taste in coats and gloves then eh? hope you guys have such a good time in Vegas, we have casino's in every town in ontario, but it just ain't vegas. hope you guys took the WAGS. Happy New Year from all your fans in London Ontario, where I have to have a credit card to buy Mayhem as we cannot get it in a store, this place drives me nuts. sometimes. You need to come bring me all the CDS as not one store here sells them. one horse town. with 400000 people. I have requested the record shop where I bought the ticket to your show bring in the cds for me. until then I have to listen at home, never in my car, so sad. soso sad. it is great travelin music, except you can get going to fast if you get a lively one on. My girlfriend almost got a ticket during train kept a rollin. ha ha. she got lucky and the cop said he would let her off due to he understood the effect of Imelda on the gas pedal. and I am not makin this up. He was a great fan.


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