Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tuesday night was pretty good at Vicat street, I had to shoot back to the Hotel straight after though as my Alarm call was for 3.30am! I know! and to add to the pain, as I entered the Hotel foyer for my cab at 4am - who was sitting there still boozing? yes, you got it, Imelda, Darrel and some Clabbys! yeah nice one, Damn you early flight people!

Anyhoo, at home in beautiful Erdington for a few days now before our UK leg starts, Erdington is famed as being the birth place to Charlie Hall, who appeared in roughly 50 Laurel and Hardy flicks, to honour Charlie, Erdington named their branch of wetherspoons pubs after him, so if you are ever here why not visit and join in with the 8am pint drinkers and have a 75p breakfast!.

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