Monday, 14 February 2011

12th Feb, Leeds, could possibly be my favourite gig of the tour so far, Its a tough one as they have all been great, really great crowd participation though tonight.
Edinburgh tomorrow - cannae wait!


  1. It was one of the best gigs in 20 years that I've been too. Fantastic entertainment which a lot of music seems to lack now. Everyone was well up for a good night. Top stuff Al. The rest of the band weren't too bad either! ;-p Me and t'missus loved it!

  2. It was a brilliant gig. I had such a great time, you were all fantastic!

  3. was amazing! loved it! shame im not looking at the camera lol.

  4. Fantastic night Al. Each performance you raise the bar to new levels.

    If anyone was at the Leeds show and has a recording of Johnny Got A Boom Boom would love for you to get in touch. Imelda mentioned a few words about my kids before launching into the song and I would love to get hold of a copy for them if any one has it.



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