Saturday, 19 February 2011

Feb 19th - ROCK CITY!!! Nottingham, I've had some great times here but never played it myself, It lived up to its name, one of, if not THE most raucous crowds of the tour and I have to say the Band were on fire tonight, Imelda, Darrel, Steve and Dave are so good - sometimes I feel like one of the audience just loving it! can you tell I've just had a great gig! a great end to this UK tour.
The brilliant Pete Williams Band opened for us, its the best I've heard him, great stuff, was good to catch up with him and Deano on Drums.
Roll call on this UK tour then:
Soundman Trev
Lightman Tom
Stageman Coff
Tourman Brett
DHP man Anton
DHP man2 Paul
Merchman Jason
Thanks guys x

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