Sunday, 27 February 2011

30 hour journey! doesn't anyone read my contract small print!?! It clearly states that if the journey exceeds 2 hours then I send my stunt double! anyhoo,I'm here now. Good trip over to Oz, as you can see, Thats Imelda and I shmoozing in Kuala Lumpa Jungle...which was in the middle of the Airport!


  1. Loving the blog AL,I passed through Kuala Lumpar airport on my way down under a few years ago and first time i'd seen a jungle in an airport!, also did you spot the grandstands of the grand prix track just next door?.
    Enjoyed your recent gigs in Brum and Nottingham and look forward to loads more in the future, things have really taken off since i saw you at the Y theatre in Leicester a couple of years ago.. Best wishes to you all!

  2. Hello Al, it Kuala Lumpur not lumpar or lumpa. love your band!!!

    Love from Malaysia...


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