Monday, 10 May 2010

O.k, so where do I begin? I'm sending this via Skype until I get this bloody PC fixed!
Since my last Blog entry things have been pretty bloomin busy. As we arrived back in the UK we went straight into rehearsals with American Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson. Unfortunately Steve got held up in Amsterdam because of the Volcanic belch from Iceland so "Bomber" Wade lent us his drum skills for the first Wanda gig - Two sellout shows at the Luminaire in London! Fantastic time had by all, Wanda was on top form and bonded with Imelda straight away although I think it had more to do with Imelda's replica "Wanda" dress that she wore more than anything else (which was made by the way by my lovely other half Saff - plug,plug! ). Had a great few days of Family time after that, few sessions in New Inns with Little John and the Deanster and a couple of gigs with Bluesman James O'Hara - Fabby, All whilst Imelda slaved away trying to get the final mixes of the new Album! Then onto Pinewood Studios to film the Videos for the first two singles "Psycho" and "Mayhem" oooh get me! We had a great but gruelling couple of days there and thats all I'll say about it as the Vids are pretty cool and I don't want to leave any spoilers.
Caught up with Burlesque Starlette 'Missy Malone' at our Cheltenham Jazz Festival gig where she got mistaken for Imelda and was almost ushered onto the stage - that would have been an entirely different show altogether. We then started our Europe tour but not before Little John and I hightailed it to London for an Iggy and the Stooges gig, possibly the best Gig I've ever witnessed - certainly the loudest. I lasted the first three numbers in the mosh pit, then thought my heart was going to explode so I moved to the side where I found several pints of Murphys calmed me down. Straight to Amsterdam with no sleep! ROCK ,N, ROLL!!!!!. Played the Milky Way alongside Flight of the Conchords, we went down a storm and got a Guitar nicked (luckily it was Dave's). A day off in Amsterdam took me to the Famous Paradiso Club where I saw the Palladins perform, bumped into Nick Drugstore- Bass player for Mike Sanchez -who had flown in to watch the show, was good to see him. I don't know whether it was fatigue or what but I couldn't really get into the gig, maybe I was still reeling after the Stooges. We played a couple of gigs in Holland (can't remember the names of 'em offhand) and tore the place up, the hottest gigs I think we've had, we did a hit and run gig in Berlin at a bloody awful Rock 'n' Roll gig - we went down a storm though, so not all bad. Then to Copenhagen which is where I am sitting writing this.....right now.


  1. Just read a badly translated review of your gig in Berlin. This caught my eye

    The very first bars of their performance go directly into the legs, which promptly led an elderly man next to me to ask me with a spirited handle on my bum to dance.

    Roll on Tramore.

  2. So, when are we going to see you take to a stage in a dress made by Saff then ?
    (Havent forgotten standing next to Saff at the Jools Holland MK gig - is her hair still purple ?)

    Bandana Guy.


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