Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Imelda May - Psycho (Official)

Just had a couple of days in London rehearsing with Jeff Beck for our New York gigs and it sounds great! Really looking forward to these gigs....and the Buffallo wings.
Imeldas single got played on Radcliffe and Maconie which had a great response, take a look at our new posh video - If you look closely there are a couple of shots of Alfie in there (Alfie is Imeldas dog) Also at the end of the Vid the director was screaming direction through the PA so we could here him over the track, the last thing we heard him scream was "ON YOUR KNEES TRUMPET BOY!!" This is something I can only imagine Dave hasn't heard since his University days!
Off to Sunny.......Tunbridge Wells today to play the Assembly Theatre, Looking forward to catching up with Big Boy Bloater and his chums who are on with us - a few scoops are in order me thinks.

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  1. Sounds a little strange to me. Maybe because a have a "clear" idea about Imelda´s music. Too noisy. Anyway, This week is hard to me to talk about music. The passing of Ronnie James DIO changed everything.
    I´m excited with your gig at Azkena Rock Festival. Any plans to play in Barcelona again? We can talk about scully shirts once more.
    Look out,
    horns up


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